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Beyond the Box

very Web Site has at least an email link. Most sites also provide what's known as a "form submission" - a box in which you enter your email address, and a box in which you type your message. Yet with a little additional investment you can gain so much additional leverage by going "beyond the box."

Why not allow the visitor to help you help them by qualifying the enquiry: Which product line would they like to know more about? Which dates are they interested in booking a motel room? What style of home would they like to have built?

Why not allow the visitor to shorten the sales process by providing the option to request a Prospectus, an application form, an online quotation form?

Why not impress your visitor with some automated email responses assuring them that they will receive that phone call, mail out, free sample just as soon as possible - but, if horror of horror something in your follow-up system fails, here's the personal contact details of the Manager who will see to that you receive what you requested.

And why not have a simple database of all the details of all the enquiries your site generates - allowing for follow-up analysis and review.

It's all part of thinking outside of the box - using some powerful behind-the-scenes scripting technology to go far beyond the simple message in a box.


Resource: Printed: 2024-07-19
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