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‘Content-First’ Site Design Approach

An effective web site relies upon effective market research: Who are your audiences? and, How can my site best serve their needs?

Online marketing really has to be about serving - not being served. People give you a little of their attention in order to learn more of how your product or service can solve or meet their need, issue or problem. While they may not think of it in this way, your preparatory market research can greatly benefit from doing so.

Essential Ingredient
So, after deciding on your site’s purpose (Why have a web site? And also… What are you hoping it will achieve?), exploring who your audiences are, and how to best meet their needs can be an essential ingredient in an effective web site.

Investing time in market research is to take a ‘content-first’ approach, with the discussion of layout and design, of image selection and photo galleries following.

Four key aspects of effective site design are:

  1. Market research;
  2. Content research;
  3. Content creation & collation; and then…
  4. Web site functionality.

Look at each of these in more detail…

1. Market Research

Consider the market space in which the business operates:

2. Content Research

Consider the nature and scope of content involved:

3. Content Creation & Collation

Consider content sourcing:

4. Web site Functionality

Consider the site from a functional and operational perspective:

There can be many aspects to consider. And these are best discussed in-person with key business stake-holders.

IDO’s Graeme Morris can assist you by informing and facilitating such a discussion as part of a ‘content-first’ site design approach.


Resource: Printed: 2024-07-19
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