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With well over twenty years’ experience, Info-Design Online is an established information design, development & maintenance business. Based in the Garden City of Toowoomba on Queensland’s Darling Downs, Info-Design Online (I.D.O.) has a reputation in providing reliable, timely, and personal service in building web sites that are quick to load, easy to find and simple to use.

We believe an effective online presence is as much about understanding your unique business, market focus, and clients as it is about the managing the technical details.

Your business
When developing a web site, we commence with gaining an understanding of your business, of your products and service from the point of view of your clients: An understanding of how people may use search engines to reach your web site, and how they then might interact with your online information.

Info-Design Online serve a broad range of small to medium businesses including industries such as education, accommodation, rural, wholesale and manufacturing industries, as well as a range of professional service providers and community service organisations. Take a look over our Project Portfolio ›

We build web sites with content and media that are optimised to be ‘light weight’ therefore ensuring fast-loading pages - something that remains important even the ‘broadband age’.

Professional Content Management
Info-Design Online provides professional and pro-active content review and updating, as well understanding the importance of content alteration approval and sign-offs. This includes working with clients wanting (or being required) to include controlled content. Guarding against security assaults is an unfortunate necessity.

We draw upon a breadth and depth of web design insight and industry knowledge, employing open web standards and technologies to provide the broadest compatibility across the span of computing devices and web browsing software. We work to build sites with consistent, proven design approaches to maximise the visitor experience - with attention to the small but important details. In short: We deal with the technical issues so you don’t have to!

Online Information Systems
On its own, and in association with other partners, Info-Design Online develops Online Information Systems - in other words web sites that store and draw upon databases or external data sources. This involves the application of data analysis, database design, user-interface design, as well as user-access control schemes. Years of online content experience provide a strong analytic framework in the optimal application of technology on the Internet.

SEO A Balanced Approach
Info-Design Online takes a broad, balanced approach to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) understanding that it’s about providing the visitor unique, meaningful content. Our site regularly gain good so-called ‘organic search engine exposure’ through healthy text content and without the use of gimmicks nor dubious SEO techniques.

We work in tailored database integration and web programming, including complex web interfaces for the collection, management and utilisation of online information.

Info-Design Online also develops and manages Google AdWord campaigns on behalf of client web sites.

Info-Design Online is owned and managed by Graeme Morris, whose university degree in Electrical Engineering, first-hand experience of the evolution of the web across two decades, together with experience in online information systems and information architecture, well places him to assist local business utilise the web.

Toowoomba Business Networkers
With personal referrals playing a significant role in the long-term success of Info-Design Online, Graeme is a long-term member of the Toowoomba Business Networkers - a local business networking organisation whose aim is to generate increased business through the creation of quality business referals.

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ICAAN Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities
For the information and attention of those for whom IDO registers and manages domain names, the ICAAN Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities ›


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