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Here are some recent Project Portfolio entries. See links below for more select business site categories.

White Cotton Parts web site screen shot

Seeking an initial simple web presence to support other media and industry event exposure, White Cotton engaged IDO to collaborate in the content curation and development of this site.

Professional Building Management Schedules web site screen shot

Brisbane based Pro-BMS (short for Professional Building Management Schedules) provide Caretaking Agreement Schedules, Performance Management Services and Building Management Systems for strata complexes across Australia.

Diverse Group Consulting web site screen shot

Establishing a building management compliance consultancy the Brisbane based Diverse Group Consulting assists bodies corporate and building owner committees in their building management regulatory compliance, caretaking agreement tendering, auditing and review, for residential and mixed-use strata properties.

Lowes Glass & Aluminium web site screen shot

Desiring a compact site focusing on their three main product ranges, Lowes Glass & Aluminium are seeking to engage with home owners and others through straightforward, conversational content.

ABMA web site screen shot

The ABMA Building Compliance Accreditation Agency trains, equips and supports Australian residential and mixed-use strata building owners in their building, facilities management, building management and dispute resolution matters.

Speed Detailing web site screen shot

Speed Detailing offer professional detailing on an amazing range of vehicles, machinery, aircraft and luxury marine craft. Through a sustained collaborative effort, the site text content (and photos) was compiled - at length describing Speed Detailing’s attention to every detail.

Professional Building Management Training (Pro-BMT) web site screen shot

Brisbane based Pro-BMT (Professional Building Management Training) provide specialty professional training and advisory services to building managers in the Australian residential and mixed-use strata sector.

Toowoomba Business Networkers web site screen shot

Toowoomba Business Networkers or TBN provides an excellent weekly opportunity for local Toowoomba businesses to network, to share with fellow business operators, and to develop their business skills.

Ideal Driving School web site screen shot

Geared to the enquiries of those looking to obtain a heavy, rigid or heavy-combo vehicle license or forklift certificate, the Ideal Driving School web site is an effective training vehicle and options presentation.

Auscrimper web site screen shot

Manufacturing and supplying unique agricultural products in the burgeoning Regenerative Agriculture Practises context, Auscrimper equips local farmers with Australian designed, manufactured and serviced equipment.

Inverell Freighters web site screen shot

Inverell Freighters required a simple, cost-effective web site to inform clients and enquirers of their freight service capabilities as well as contact & depot location details.

Ozmac Welding Industries web site screen shot

Ozmac Welding Industries’ new owners commissioned a site that allows people to easily see the range of utility tray and related accessories, as well as steel manufacturing capabilities, with the opportunity to make contact to discuss their specific needs in custom welding and manufacture.

Health By Numb3rs web site screen shot

Health By Numb3rs enjoys a cliental with diverse interests and needs in a competitive search environment. The web site serves to both present the personal health & fitness services offered, as well as to present Health By Numb3rs’ unique philosophy and approach to personal fitness and wellbeing.


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