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Benefits Info-Design Online Clients Enjoy

Graeme Morris, Manager of Info-Design Online details the benefits clients receive from IDO.

For discerning clients, effective Web Sites are more than the result of learning how to drive some piece of fancy development software.

Effective Web Sites are the result of a whole collection of skills and experience.

Info-Design Online is uniquely placed to provide our clients with practical, 'bottom line' benefits.

In addition to our four year long industry track record, our breadth of local experience, and growing list of satisfied clients, Info-Design Online brings benefits through the following:

HTML Coding
Having worked with raw HTML coding from the start gives an intimate understanding of the 'behind the scenes' work which makes for good, and not-so-good, Web Page design.

Using Web Page creation software - though often good at what it does - doesn't allow for this 'hands on' expertise. This is even more relevant to advanced online features, including the use of…

PHP Server Scripting
Almost all serious Web Sites have moved past the 'static content' stage. To enable such benefits as 'dynamic content' and much more requires computer code to be developed to run on the Server.

In the early days so-called 'CGI' scripts could be adapted from common sources. Today effective Web Sites need the advantages which come from the use of a Server Scripting Language.

Using the world-leading Open Source product known as PHP, Info-Design Online can create feature-filled, robust and secure solutions to your commercial requirements.

With lower development costs and zero license fees, PHP is today (Dec 2001) the brains behind seven million Web Sites world wide.

MySQL Database Application
There are many examples of when the efficient storage of information is vital to an effective Web Site. Thinking beyond the basic email list or order records, a database can form the basis of an online catalogue, an online document management system, or even a news site.

Stock control, order tracking, customer service systems can all become part of an effective Web Site with the use of a fast, reliable and secure Database Server.

License free (in most applications) MySQL - like PHP - has been the obvious choice for serious Web Developers who build effective Web Sites - including high volume e-commerce solutions.

Info-Design Online has the expertise to complete the necessary database design phase, to integrate the database using PHP, and then to create truly effective Web Page 'User Interface'.

Java Script
Used in some way or other by the majority of today's Web Sites, Java Script is a powerful adjunct to dynamic Web Pages allowing for interactive navigation, context-sensitive information and much more.

When combined with PHP Server Scripting and a MySQL Database 'back end', Info-Design Online has created powerful advanced features taking Web Pages towards the power of customised applications - yet powerful features which are accessible from anywhere by anyone with merely common (free) browser software.

At a much simpler level, Java Script provides for intelligent feedback on order forms which actively assist users in correctly completing the form - far better than a blunt error page declaring: "Error: Invalid input value!";

Forms Design
We've all tried to use an online form - occasionally with some frustration! A lack of detailed instructions, a lack of user-friendliness, broken code, absence of useful feedback - all contribute to users who will never return and low - or in some cases - no sales!

An effective online form - more than cutting and pasting some code from a Script Web Site - should be integrated into your business communication model. A nice way of saying, it should be a natural part of how your business deals with your customers and their enquiries.

More than developing intelligent forms, Info-Design Online, builds custom-made forms, validation and feedback mechanisms which together make for effective online experiences.

Web Site usability
Not all that goes into making a Web Site effective is highly technical in nature. Info-Design Online also understands the importance of Web Site usability:

Key factors to an effective Web Site are: Navigation across the whole Site; Consistency over all the pages; Content Optimisation to allow the best experience for all Web users - including the majority who continue to use dial-up Modem connections.

Rich Media
Sometimes so-called Rich Media - audio, animations and video are called for. When they are, Info-Design Online can detail the options and tradeoffs available for a given media type and delivery method.

Audio - either for download or for streaming - is already viable. For the growing broadband user base, streaming video is also becoming a viable option. Yet to be an effective user-experience a number of issues need consideration.

Copy Creation
Many clients have neither the time nor the ability to create the text content for their Web Site.

And of all content types, words can be the most under-rated of all. Research on how people process Web Pages clearly reveals that people read text before they look at the images or graphics.

Search Engines can only read the text on a Web Page.

And people researching you and your product are most likely to be impressed by honest, well-written and engaging text.

Thus good quality copy which follows Web Page Guidelines is important in making an effective Web Site.

Search Engine Optimisation
A whole field of discussion on its own, Info-Design Online knows that there is no 'magic bullet' in gaining the best Search Engine listing. Our common sense approach enables sites to effective for those Search Engines who make use of so-called 'spiders' to build their index.

Going beyond this is investing in what now are almost exclusively paid listings in selected Search Engines and Online Directories.

Remember the Toowoomba Online Directory - an excellent way of being seen by people looking for local Toowoomba Web Sites.

Web Site Marketing
There are many more ways of marketing your site than trying to get listed in a Search Engine. In fact for some businesses, Search Engines are of little importance. Experience has enable Info-Design Online to develop a range of marketing strategies which can be applied to any business Site.

Follow this link for specific examples of how to Raise your Web Site Traffic.

Info-Design Online is uniquely placed to provide our clients with a range of vital benefits. Having been around long enough to know something of what we're talking about - and that in plain English - Info-Design Online develops Web Sites for clients who want more than another template site thrown together using a fancy piece of software.

We believe that humans still create the best Web Sites for real people! What do you think?

Everyone's needs are different. The above does not constitute advice for any particular application.
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